Products and Accessories dose for breakfast bed and breakfast Guest House Hotel - Sales-Bebshop

Cause transfer to open new headquarters abroad, this activity is sold which includes:

- substantial customer portfolio, considerable number of registered users and consequent number of customers acquired in the 6 years of activity;

- interesting turnover with an annual exponential increase of 25%, which allows us to reimburse in about one year the price we requested for the purchase of the same activity;

- the purchase cost is invoiced (VAT excluded) and the sale must be made through a regular notary deed with the sale of the company;

- very high indexing and positioning on the main search engines;

- the average traffic on the portal is about 250 visitors a day (demonstrable by an official counter);

- management software that allows the complete management of the activity from any part of Italy (warehouse loading / unloading, orders, invoices, DDT, complete administration, management and simultaneous submission of news letters to all registered users, as well as allowing to prove the actual annual turnover, profit, number of users / customers, etc;

- the portal is TOTALLY manageable from the administration panel and does not require any particular IT skills (it is very simple, fluid and intuitive);

- if necessary, total assistance will be given, at least for the first 30 days, on the setting up, running, management of the administration panel, purchases and orders related to the activity;

- the products present at the time of purchase of the activity will be inventoried and quantified economically separately (this is to be agreed with the buyer where it was interested, otherwise the warehouse does not fall within the purchase price of the company);

- the current warehouse / building of the bebshop company is not included in the sale, as the buyer can manage the activity in his home, having the faculty and advantages in choosing the most suitable spaces;

- the portal is connected to all the most common payment systems (credit card, paypal, etc.)

- for info and if only if seriously interested