Sweet capocollo

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Shipping on: 25 Sep 2019
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Sweet Capocollo

It is obtained from a special part of the pork between head and neck, so it is a whole piece carefully salted and flavored. Hand-tied with reed sticks and long seasoned. The use of a modest amount of salt makes it sweet. The "Capocollo" is prepared using the meat of the upper part of the pork loin, boned and then salted dry, with ground cooking salt. The cut of meat selected from the loin, for the packaging of the capocollo, has a layer of fat of about 3-4 mm that keeps it soft during the maturation stages and improves the organoleptic characteristics. The salting lasts for four to eight days, added with grains of black pepper and then wrapped in a parietal pork diaphragm. Finally we proceed to the traditional binding, in an enveloping sense, with natural twine and to the puncture of the casing. Then it is hung to drip in well-ventilated rooms where the relative humidity and temperature are controlled. The maturation takes place in not less than one hundred days from the date of the salting and must be done in the natural state in a special environment, hygienically sound, after this period it is put on sale packed SV.

( Portion weight about 800 grams )

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